Endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, menopause, cycle health issues, or something else?

A new revolution of understanding is here!

Today's generation of women are becoming very interested in their health. They no longer just want to 'endure' or 'put up with' the monthly negative outcomes that come with their period and cycle, but rather fully understand what is occurring and what they can proactively do to improve their hormonal health. If this is you, and you want educating and empowering for some serious long-term changes – then you've come to the right place! 

Your Consultation

By working through your case history – not only presently but more importantly what your diet and lifestyle history has been – we are able to see a bigger picture of your hormonal health. 


Women's hormones are regularly changing (especially once we begin fine-tuning them), so copies of blood tests are a good starting place to see what's been occurring with your health, and it will be important to get more bloods done in the future. 

If possible, please contact your GP's reception to retrieve blood tests taken over the last 12 months. Please print copies or email if you have access to ManageMyHealth. 

Email to: info@thegoodhealthroom.co.nz 

If this is difficult to do, then please book and we can discuss more at your appointment.

Please also bring a list of current medications and/or over-the-counter products you take.

Additional hormonal Functional Tests may be done. We can discuss whether these would be specifically helpful to support your case and health.

These include:


Lastly, honest information about your current diet, how you feel after a meal, your mood, and sleep patterns each night, are vital in understanding your health. Please complete the Food & Mood diary (if possible) prior to your appointment (at least 3-4 days).

PLEASE NOTE: If unsure, then please book the consult that relates 'most' to your health goal and we can easily adjust payment on the day.

Click through to book an appointment, and complete your pre-appointment requirements.


Is not just your period.

It is an expression of your

underlying health.

Think of your period as

your monthly report card.

(Lara Briden, N.D.)

YOUR PERIOD... - Is not just your period.It is an expression of yourunderlying health. Think of your period asyour monthly report card. (Lara Briden, N.D.)

• Book an appointment

• Bring existing blood tests

(within the last 12 months)

• Bring a list of your

current medications or

over-the-counter products

• Bring any relevant test /

specialist appt information

• Bring your completed

food & mood diary

HEALTH CHECKLIST - • Book an appointment• Bring existing blood tests (within the last 12 months)• Bring a list of yourcurrent medications orover-the-counter products• Bring any relevant test / specialist appt information• Bring your completedfood & mood diary

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