A qualified medical herbalist has a high standard of herbal medicine education and skill from many years of training. For the client's safety this includes a full understanding of interaction risks between conventional medicines and herbs.

Herbal medicine (also known as phyto-medicine) is an integral part of natural medicine.

Each plant contains numerous active ingredients that are essential to stimulate or strengthen the body's normal functions, and aid the body in healing itself. These active ingredients (nutrients) can include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and flavonoids.The benefits of phyto-medicines and their many active ingredients is their ability to create several therapeutic actions within the body at one time.


The Good Health Room uses high quality ethically manufactured New Zealand and Australian herbs through Phytomed and MediHerb.

Phytomed is New Zealand's leading manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts, founded in 1998 by Phil Rasmussen (a medical herbalist and trained pharmacist). The manufacturing processes of each herbal plant retains the phyto-chemical make-up of the plants in their natural state as close as possible, and are sourced from New Zealand organic growers whenever possible. The popular retail Kiwiherb family health product is manufactured by Phytomed.

MediHerb is the largest purchaser and processing plant of herbal extracts in Australia, founded by Professor Kerry Bone. He is a research and industrial chemist, senior lecturer in herbal medicine, and author of many textbooks. MediHerb sources the best quality herbs locally and from around the world, and aim to source organically grown and wild-crafted herbs (grown wild in nature without intervention and harvested within strict guidelines). MediHerb also works with growers to help cultivate endangered plant species.

For every human

illness, somewhere

in the world

there exists a plant

which is the cure.

(Rudolf Steiner)

For every humanillness, somewherein the worldthere exists a plantwhich is the cure.(Rudolf Steiner)


What is a herb?

A 'herb' is defined by a medical herbalist as any plant, whole plant extract or derivative that can be given for aiding health and healing the body.

Can babies and children take herbal prescriptions?

Herbal medicine is suitable for babies and children at specific dosages that your qualified practitioner will advise. It is a gentle medicinal approach to help support their developing body systems and general health.

What is a herbal prescription?

A herbal prescription can be in the form of a tincture (liquid formula), tea, capsule, powder, tablet or a lotion/cream for topical use.

Can current medications be taken with a herbal prescription?

A qualified medical herbalist has a full understanding of any interaction risks between conventional medicines (pharmacology) and herbs (phytotherapy). With every client's health and medications assessed individually, our client's safety is paramount to our practice. Ongoing monitoring of your progress will determine what adjustments you may require to your herbal prescription.


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