My health journey with Shona started two years ago, before the pandemic hit. I had been experiencing terrible periods out of the blue one day, and started working on how to deal with this naturally as possible. Before I had been officially diagnosed with Endo my health was in a bad way, now I can't imagine living the lifestyle I used too. Two years later I am able to manage my Endo to the point I don't need pain relief anymore. This is all achieved through the guidance of Shona. With change of diet and sticking to it I am able to test out foods and my body will tell me yes or no. The supplements I would take religiously can now be on times when I need them and that is usually when I am on my period. I am so happy and grateful for Shona and her hard work to get me to this point on my health journey. 

N.M (Tokoroa)
(June, 2022)


I was having Women's Health issues ever since having my first child. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis with heavy bleeding after my second child. The issue I was having I thought were normal after having children. Was I so wrong. Things started to get real bad when I ended up in Hospital 5 days before Christmas one year. With extremely heavy bleeding and dangerous drop in my Haemoglobin. Thankfully Shona at The Good Health Room has helped me to control the underlining issues and side affects I was having during the time after. When I approached Shona I was hoping for information and a more natural way to help. Which she has. Not just in my Women's Health but much more. Her guidance, information and support has been amazing. With her on going support I know me and my health are in the right place.

S.K., Te Awamutu
(May, 2020)


I have found Shona from The Good Health Room to be very approachable and easy to talk to. I have been seeing her and following her directions for a number of months and there has been a noticeable difference in my symptoms and energy levels.

I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to take control of their health.

R.S., Cambridge
(April, 2020)


Highly recommend The Good Health Room! After winning a Facebook competition for a consultation Shona has helped me manage my endometriosis, asthma and sinuses. Her knowledge about health, the body and naturopathic medicine is amazing. She is lovely to deal with and really listens to you. If your looking for somebody who cares about your health and wellbeing I highly recommend Shona.

T. Skelton, Cambridge
(April, 2017)


I went to Shona last year and absolutely loved sitting down and talking all things health with her! She is very approachable and easy to work with and goes above and beyond to ensure your health is catered for so well.

K. Welton, Cambridge
(January 2018)


I am a stay-at-home mum with 3 small kids. I was constantly at the doctors for all sorts of things for the family, and often sent home with lotions and antibiotics that treated all the symptoms – but not the bigger picture.

When I approached Shona I was looking for something different, just not sure what it was – and what she had to offer was the cause of some of these issues i.e. eczema, dandruff, candida, runny tummies – to name a few.
Little bit, by little bit, she changed my whole outlook on natural medicine, i.e. herbs, natural home remedies, and foods we eat. I have more energy, and feel better than what I have in a really long time. It has been a great journey!" 

T.G., Cambridge
(August, 2016)


As a current client of Shona’s, I would love to say how much she has helped me get my energy levels back.

I suffer from Hypothyroidism in which tiredness and lack of energy are the greatest side effects, along with stress and general life goings on. I was constantly tired. I have been working with Shona over the past 3 months to pick myself up and rectify this big issue which was effecting my day to day life.
With a variety of herbs, minerals and supplements I am definitely on the road to normality.
I will continue to work with her to maintain and better my state of health. Thanks so much Shona!!

C. R-V., Hamilton (September, 2016)


My journey with Shona started over 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with emphysema and pre-diabetes. I'm an asthmatic and was on different inhalers. My breathing was getting worse, and doctors had said my asthma was the umbrella for emphysema. All they could suggest was to increase taking my inhalers, and putting me on to another inhaler. It was obvious I had to do some lifestyle and work changes. It was through word of mouth that I found out about The Good Health Room, so I made an appointment and went along with an open mind. On meeting Shona, she puts you at ease – friendly, caring, listens. Certainly opened my world to herbs, vitamins, minerals, smoothies, juicing – that was a lot to take in. Shona set up a path for my health, so I gave it a hundred percent. Looking back I'm pleased I went along, as the improvements are amazing. It's been a bumpy road getting there, but with Shona on speed dial and her pep talks, it keeps me going. I'd recommend to all to make that first step – you won't regret it. Thank you Shona. Looking forward to life. 

M. Westall (Waipa)
April, 2020 


Find The Good Health Room and to meet Shona changed our lifestyle. We are more than thankful for all the advises and guides. She helped my husband with his seasonal allergies. Before meeting Shona my husband was trying all type of medications prescribed by Dr. and other natural stuff over the counter that we could find, but when I decided to search someone in natural field with much knowledge to help us with all this process was because we were desperate and nothing was helping. Shona is an expert in her field, kind and good professional. I am definitely recommend her if you need help with any health issue than you couldn't find a solution yet.

Carla & Luis, Waikato
(January, 2019)


Our son Nixon was seven months old and suffered from severe constipation (caused by starting solids). We had been in and out of the medical centre and he was on quite a high dose of lactulose, whilst this was great for a “quick fix”, we didn’t want him to be on this medication long term.

We did some research and found Shona at The Good Health Room. I couldn’t recommend our experience with Shona any higher, she was so professional, she listened to me, gave us some great natural relief suggestions, prescribed some homeobotanical drops for us to give Nixon and checked in on us post our appointments.

Having a baby with constipation was honestly so horrible, he was in so much pain and we were at a loss as to what next. I am so glad I went and saw Shona, she has helped our family in a massive way. I have already recommended her to a friend of ours.

B. MacKinlay, Cambridge
(March, 2020)


Our son seemed to be really battling health-wise going from a healthy super-fit teen competing at a National sports level, to being really tired, lethargic and struggling day to day. We went to Shona, and within days of starting her prescriptions he was feeling like eating again, not struggling with anxiety and full of energy. It's great to have our son back. Thanks Shona for listening and caring and above all taking the time to get alongside a grumpy teenager.

T. Brown, Tauranga
(September, 2016)


Since I have started seeing Shona at The Good Health Room, my health has been fantastic. I have not succumbed to illness this year, and anyone who knows me knows this is a feat. My energy levels have increased despite a 2.5 hour commute daily. Following Shona’s advice and diet adjustments, digestive problems such as heartburn and acid reflux have been non-existent instead of almost daily. Shona is now my go to. I thoroughly recommend Shona at The Good Health Room to everyone.

K. Porteous, Rotorua
(October, 2016)


I was dealing with a few niggling health issues – the type that don't bother you enough but deep down you know you are not feeling healthy. I met Shona at The Good Health Room a couple of months back, to holistically treat allergic hives, really painful and uncomfortable PMS and unexplained weight gain.

I found Shona extremely thorough in her field and really wonderful to talk to. She would really take the time and interest to understand you as a person, your lifestyle and give you a complete solution to the issues you take to her. After the initial consultation, I was suggested to have a hormonal imbalance, due to which I was having many small inconveniences. In a very short time of following Shona's treatment plan, I was free of all the symptoms. It made such a difference to me, and my family – I just felt like a totally different person. I cannot thank and recommend Shona enough for her knowledge, guidance and support.

N.M., Cambridge
(May, 2017)

D.U.T.C.H. Test

I visited Shona after battling with Menopause for a couple of years and trying all sorts of diets to help even ones recommended to me by family and friends ...however I soon realized that WE are all different !!! and what worked for even my twin sister didn't work for me :( I was at my wits end to be honest ...I went to Shona for the DUTCH testing as I wanted a blue print of what MY hormones were doing and how MY body was working so that Shona could treat MY symptoms ..... within the first month not only did I stop putting weight on (First time for a few years) but started to lose weight and feel so much better ....It still is a journey but I feel like I am on the right path to a long term healthy me. I would fully recommend Shona, and love that she uses all natural products, even though I am not good at taking tablets lol she found liquid herbs & powders for me to mix in a smoothy, so really easy to do each day.

J.P., Cambridge
(March, 2020)

D.U.T.C.H. Test

I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic when I first started seeing Shona. She was very thorough and knowledgeable and straight away I felt I was in good hands. Shona explained things in a way that I could understand and then offered sensible, practical advice that I could follow. I did a D.U.T.C.H Test which confirmed what Shona had already suspected that I was in peri-menopause.  Shona has given me so much support especially in the early days which I cannot thank her enough for. The anxiety and panic are now zero. I am doing the right things now that will make any changes coming up easier to manage. Shona’s knowledge, compassion and support has made a big difference and I would highly recommend her.

S.V., Te Awamutu
(April, 2020)

D.U.T.C.H. Test

Shona has been a wonderful support and source of knowledge on my health journey so far. The DUTCH testing was particularly helpful in pinpointing specific issues with my hormone levels and how to help these.  Shona is calm, friendly and kind which immediately puts you at ease.

J.C., Cambridge
(May 2020)


Shona is amazing! She has helped me with my autoimmune Hashimotos Disease. She helped me to change my lifestyle and diet. Her knowledge and her manner is wonderful. Shona is kind and compassionate and listens to you. I highly recommend Shona. She is patient and allowed me to slowly come around to some of the ideas that she had for my wellness. I was not ready for everything at once, but she has been there each step along the way. She has worked with me and my preconceived ideas of what natural medicine looks like. She has also helped me to make little by little changes until I was ready to make some major lifestyle changes. Thanks to Shona my Thyroid is now coming right! I knew I could feel a difference but I just got my blood work back and everything is in the normal range! Thank you Shona! You're the best!

N. Liddle, Cambridge
(January, 2017)


I have been working with Shona now for 9 months to improve my health and I have noticed an increase in my level of energy, which is very welcome as I enter my eighties.

In my opinion Shona is an enthusiastic, conscientious, and dedicated health professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone seeking a naturopathic benefit for their condition.

M. Bagnall, Cambridge
(September, 2016)


If your health is impacting on your life or your life is affecting your health, then I can highly recommend Shona Mackenzie at The Good Health Room as a good place to start making some positive life changes.

My health woes were severe menopausal symptoms. I found Shona to be an empathetic and knowledgeable naturopath, willing to work collaboratively on my healing journey. I am pleased to say my symptoms are now a fading echo of what they were. It is very refreshing to consult with a practitioner who takes you seriously and sees you as a whole person.

A. Sherson, Auckland
(September, 2016)


Thank you so much Shona for your guidance and support with my health. I feel incredibly blessed to have someone I trust on my team to answer questions, share knowledge and offer support.

S.D., Morrinsville
(June, 2020)


After struggling with secondary fertility and miscarriages for a couple of years I met up with Shona early this year to have a good look at my overall health and to try and get to the bottom of this issue. She is so caring, easy to talk to and knowledgeable in this area of health. She promptly pointed me in the right direction in regards to changing my diet, and after a hair test showed lots of intolerances we made more changes. She also encouraged me to use the right supplements to support fertility and overall health. I am now happily 13 weeks pregnant and have Shona to thank for helping in this journey!

Anna G, Bay of Plenty
(April 2020)


I have been seeing Shona for about three years. I have had ongoing problems with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormone issues, endometriosis, problems with sleep, headaches and low mood. At our first appointment, Shona was very thorough in ensuring she had a very clear picture of my health issues and she then backed this up by requesting a number of different tests. Once she was familiar with my problems and we knew we were in for a long journey towards good health, she supported my body by gradually making changes at a cellular level. I have always been impressed with her extensive knowledge of how the body works and her willingness to research anything she wasn’t familiar with. Shona is always kind and supportive and I feel as if we are a team working on my health together. I am much healthier now, I have more energy and am sleeping well. I look forward to continuing to work with Shona to maintain and improve my health. 

K.H., Cambridge
(April, 2020)


I have been seeing Shona for the past couple of years after having stomach problems, fatigue, anxiety. As a 20 year old at the time it was hard being so young and struggling with chronic fatigue and debilitating stomach problems. Shona helped me get on top of everything and also maintain my health over the past 2 years.

I take the oral contraceptive pill and find that I can quite easily become fatigued, gain weight and have other hormonal issues because of it. I went back to Shona with how I was feeling and she put me on a 6 week protocol to kill off any parasites and candida that was causing havoc. After doing the protocol I cannot believe how fatigued I actually was before, to the point I was napping 3x a day. I'm no longer tired, no cravings, mood swings, anxiety and I lost 5kgs along the way! I highly recommend Shona, she has so much knowledge and clearly loves what she does.

M.C., Matamata
(July, 2018)


I approached Shona at The Good Health Room because of problems with high oestrogen, mood swings, anxiety, exhaustion and weight retention. I’m a 20 year old, female University Student who in the past has struggled with mild endometriosis and have also dealt with fertility issues over the past few years, including a very low egg count according to an AMH reading. After a consultation with Shona at The Good Health Room, I was supplied with various herbs which would work towards helping the issues which have bothered me for years. After a few months of consistently taking the recommended dose of each vitamin and herbal solutions, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’d lost the 7kgs which I had previously tried incredibly hard to lose via strenuous diet and exercise. I found that I was sleeping better, had less mood swings and a lot more energy that lasts all day. I have decided to continue taking the suggested herbs at a maintenance dose to keep on top of the issues I’ve had as the process is so simple for such drastic results. I would highly recommend The Good Health Room to anyone with issues similar to mine as it has completely changed my day to day life and I would love if any other women in my situation could be helped by Shona at The Good Health Room.

L.R., Cambridge
(February, 2017)


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