This is not an allergy test, but rather assesses what intolerances and sensitivities from foods, additives, preservatives, and environmental toxins are occurring due to an overabundance and reliance in our diet and lifestyle.

What Could You Be Intolerant To?

An intolerance response is defined as any repeated toxic response, that does not involve the immune system as an allergic reaction would. The intolerance response can occur due to many different reasons. Common intolerances and sensitivities can include digestive, skin, and muscular or respiratory problems.

A hair analysis test is completed with an EAV assessment.


Functional testing for focusing on physiological function is becoming a very popular approach to health worldwide.

Faster, Individualised Targeted Health Outcomes

Functional testing investigates how the body is working at a molecular, tissue or organ level, to identify any underlying health causes. A functional test can aid in faster, successful health outcomes due to the individualised and targeted results. When paired with a full health history consultation case (which includes information on an individual’s dietary and lifestyle patterns), the results can be great.  

Functional testing generally involves a urine, saliva, breath, blood or stool sample. Most samples can be taken at home, with a few required at a local Pathlab. They are sent to scientific laboratories in the US or Australia, and results returned within 3-4 weeks.

Functional tests can be expensive, however if a specific or complicated health issue is presenting, the correct chosen test can be extremely beneficial in reducing time and finances spent long-term by ascertaining immediately what is occurring.

Please call or email to discuss what could be best for your health. The following is a list of tests available through The Good Health Room.


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