Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems ...

Looking after your mental wellbeing is the best decision you could ever make.

Mental health has gained a lot of press over the past few years in New Zealand, as mental illness and disturbances can seriously impact on people’s lives. According to the 2017/2018 New Zealand Health Survey:

  • Females are more likely to experience a common mental health disorder than males, regardless of age.
  • Almost 9% of adults had experienced psychological distress in the past 4 weeks.
  • 1 in 6 New Zealand adults have been diagnosed with a common mental disorder e.g. depression, anxiety / bipolar disorders, at some point in their lives.
  • Around 650,000 adult New Zealanders (16.6 percent) have been diagnosed with depression at some stage of their lives.

There is no longer a stigma attached to mental health. If you have been thinking of finding ways to improve your mood, it may indicate (however big or small the issue), that it is having a negative impact on your overall health, wellbeing and life. 

This is the right place to find some answers, learn skills, and get support for long-lasting changes.

Your Consultation

By working through your case history by listening, and asking you questions related to what you are doing now, and importantly what your diet and lifestyle has been, we are able to see a bigger picture of your mental health. This is what makes our approach fully individualised.


Blood tests are important along side of your case history, so please bring any copies taken within the last 6-12 months, and a list of current medications and/or over-the-counter products you take. It will be important to get more bloods done in the future. 

  • Existing blood tests can be requested through your GP's clinic front desk (sometimes a small charge to have them printed). 
  • In the future, we can work with your GP to possibly get new bloods, OR we can give you a form to take to your local PathLab.

Lastly, honest information about what you currently eat daily, and how you feel after a meal – including your sleep patterns each night – are vital in understanding your health when your case is reviewed. 
We have a Food & Mood diary for you to complete if possible prior to your appointment (at least 3-4 days).

Click through to book an appointment, and complete your pre-appointment requirements.



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• Book an appointment

• Bring existing blood tests

• Bring a list of your current medications

• Bring your completed

food & mood diary

MENTAL HEALTH CHECKLIST - • Book an appointment• Bring existing blood tests• Bring a list of your current medications• Bring your completedfood & mood diary

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