Bloating, IBS, abdominal pain, food intolerances, immune weakness ...

Regenerating gut health aids in improving general health!

80% of our immune health lies within our gut (digestive system), so it is vital we protect this area. It has the amazing ability to regenerate when we feed and nourish it with the right ingredients, and give it a well deserved rest regularly. When we apply these rules we strengthen our body to fight disease. 

Digestive disturbances are the body's way of telling us it's not happy. If we listen to it, and take the time and challenge to adjust and review what can be causing problems, we empower ourselves with knowledge to rewire it's activity for better health outcomes.

Your Consultation

By working through your case history – not only what you are doing now, but more importantly what your diet and lifestyle has been – we are able to see a bigger picture of your health. 


If possible, please contact your GP's reception to retrieve blood tests taken over the last 12 months. Please print copies or email if you have access to ManageMyHealth. 

Email to: info@thegoodhealthroom.co.nz 

If this is difficult to do, then please book and we can discuss more at your appointment.

Please also bring a list of current medications and/or over-the-counter products you take


Additional hormonal Functional Tests may be done. We can discuss whether these would be specifically helpful to support your case and health.


Lastly, honest information about your current diet, how you feel after a meal, your mood, and sleep patterns each night, are vital in understanding your health. Please complete the Food & Mood diary (if possible) prior to your appointment (at least 3-4 days).

PLEASE NOTE: If unsure, then please book the consult that relates 'most' to your health goal and we can easily adjust payment on the day.

Click through to book an appointment, and complete your pre-appointment requirements.

Quite literally, your gut

is the epicentre of your

mental and physical

health. If you want

better immunity,

efficient digestion,

improved clarity

and balance, focus on

rebuilding your

gut health. (Kris Carr)

Quite literally, your gutis the epicentre of yourmental and physicalhealth. If you wantbetter immunity,efficient digestion,improved clarityand balance, focus onrebuilding yourgut health. (Kris Carr)

• Book an appointment

• Bring existing blood tests

(within the last 12 months)

• Bring a list of

current medications or

over-the-counter products

• Bring your completed

food & mood diary

HEALTH CHECKLIST - • Book an appointment• Bring existing blood tests(within the last 12 months)• Bring a list ofcurrent medications orover-the-counter products • Bring your completedfood & mood diary

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