An advanced comprehensive test for assessing what is occurring with reproductive and adrenal hormones. By identifying the root causes to hormonal imbalances, symptoms can be reduced and eliminated, and goals for optimal health achieved.

Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones

For women hormonal imbalances occur regularly and can emerge as small niggling daily symptoms, but can lead to more serious problems if not attended to. 

For men, over time a gradual change in hormone balance is experienced with testosterone and DHEA levels falling and estrogen increasing. Many people assume and feel these symptoms (see below) are normal or part of the journey of getting older. However, dealing with these changes is vitally important, and treatment can help with prevention of possible oncoming chronic health issues, and/or help maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The test also provides information to how the body handles estrogen through your liver (a very important focus for cancer markers), and how methylation pathways are functioning. Optimal function of methylation is required for gene regulation (turning genes on and off), building neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine), hormone processes and metabolism, building immune cells (T cells and NK cells), producing energy (CoQ10, ATP, Carnitine), production of protective coating on nerves (via myelination), and synthesis of DNA and RNA.

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Fatigue / Cramps

Acne / Facial hair

Mood Swings

Hair Loss

Low Libido

Breast Tenderness

Cycles Heavy / Irregular

Night Sweats / Flushes

Stress and/or Anxiety

Breast Tissue Changes

SYMPTOMS - WOMENFatigue / CrampsAcne / Facial hairMood SwingsHair LossLow LibidoBreast Tenderness Cycles Heavy / IrregularNight Sweats / FlushesStress and/or AnxietyBreast Tissue Changes


Mood Swings

Libido Issues

Sexual Dysfunction

Hair Loss




Prostate Changes

SYMPTOMS - MENMood SwingsLibido IssuesSexual DysfunctionHair LossStressFatigueAnxietyProstate Changes

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