Everything you need to know as a client of The Good Health Room.

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What to do:

If you are tech-savvy, then please request to have an account set up for you to order whenever you are wanting to. 
If you struggle in this area – The Good Health Room is happy to help with your order.

Please see the order form below:

  • To list the products you would like to re-order OR
  • If you would like a PacHealth and/or FXMed account set up for use in the future. Specific practitioner brands are available for The Good Health Room clients only:
    • FX Med: A-Drenals, Enterosgel, Pure Encapsulations, Quicksilver, RN Labs
    • PacHealth: Orthoplex, BioMedica, BioGaia, BioCeuticals, BioPractica, Nuzest, Amazonia
    • Nutrisearch: GFEs, Designs For Health, Pure Encapsulations
    • Proherb: Mediherb, Orthoplex, BioPractica, BioGaia
    • Metagenics
    • For other over-the-counter products available please click here for more info


  • Payments – are required asap through Xero invoicing from The Good Health Room or immediately with online orders.
  • Products ordered on your behalf – will have a courier charge(s) on your Xero invoice if sent direct. 

The Good Health Room continues to offer an ongoing 5% OFF for practitioner products and 15% OFF for all other items.

Any questions as changes occur with reordering then please get in touch.


Re-ordering Info Request

Send The Good Health Room information about what products you would like reordered (with quantities), plus delivery details and we will be in touch asap to discuss and get processed. Thanks!

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