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WHAT happens at a consultation?

The Consultation

During your confidential consultation, we will discuss your current health struggles and the health goals that have motivated you to visit The Good Health Room. All the main systems in your body, energy levels, diet, exercise and health history are covered in the initial consultation. Current prices are listed below. See 'Contact & Book' to review your booking options.

Premium Adult (25 years – Adult)$135
Premium Adult (13 – 24 years)$125
Premium Child (6 – 12 years)$95
Premium Toddler-Child (0 – 5 years)$55


Follow-Up (Child / Adult)
15-min Case Review via email/phone (Child / Adult)$20

HAIR-ANALYSIS (Food & Environmental Intolerances / Specialised Tests)

OPTION 1 Hair Analysis only (13 yrs - Adult)
OPTION 2 Hair Analysis (25 yrs – Adult) Includes full PREMIUM consultation (SAVE $30 by combining both)
OPTION 3 Hair Analysis (13 – 24 years) Includes full PREMIUM consultation (SAVE $30 by combining both)$200
OPTION 4 Hair Analysis only (5 – 12 years)
OPTION 5 Hair Analysis only (0 – 4 years)
OPTION 6 Hair Analysis only (Mother & Baby/Pre-School 0 – 4 years)
OPTION 7 Hair Analysis only (5 yrs - Adult) Specialised Tests$245

Homeobotanicals / Single Herb$15
100mL Herbal Formula$25
200mL Herbal Formula$48
500mL Herbal Formula$105
Herbal Formula Reorders Charge*
(*Preparation time of existing formula – does not include price of Herbal Formula)

The Good Health Room strives to provide our clients with a welcoming, private and professional environment for consultations.

Consultation Completion and Follow-up Appointment

On completion of a consultation, any immediate acute health concerns you have will be reviewed and treated where possible with natural medicine and naturopathic advice.

A free future 15-minute follow-up appointment will be arranged with you to return (within the following few days / week), whereby your health case will have been examined and researched to develop the a thorough customised holistic health plan for your specific health needs.
You will leave understanding more about what is going on with your health, and what you have been given as support going forward. Initial consultations need to be paid in full on the day, however payment options are available for treatment plan products.

Your Customised Health Plan

The customised holistic health plan will give clear directions as to when and how to take recommended supplements and why, and any dietary and lifestyle suggestions. Additionally, the Good Health Room Health Plan will recommend any further herbal or supplements valuable in kick-starting you to better health. 

Continued Follow-ups

Further follow-ups are recommended, as we are always keen to know of your progress, and if required to continue providing support while your health changes. Follow-ups may be via emails, phone or in person.

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