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Here you can find useful information for Consultation Options & Bookings, Hair Analysis Tests, Contact Information, Opening Hours, Cancellation, and Health insurance.

Consultation Options

There are various consultation types that suit all of your needs and availability – Premium and Standard, Follow-Up, Immune Boost Consult or a Hair Analysis Test(s). Please see below.

EFTPOS and PAYMENT OPTIONS available for payment.

What to bring to your consultation (if available):

  • Recent blood test results (within last 12 months)
  • Any medical documentation relevant to your visit
  • Names of medications and supplements currently taking

    Prices & Bookings

    PREMIUM Consultations (Adult / Child / Toddler-Child)

    This booking is for a full-length consultation (1 hour 15 mins), with the practitioner completing the health questionnaire.
    Click below for pricing options and to book

    STANDARD Consultation
    (Adult / Child)

    The STANDARD booking is for a shorter consultation and requires the client to complete the health questionnaire at home, prior to the initial 45-minute face-to-face consultation.

    • Please bring the completed questionnaire to your consultation. Allow approximately 30-40 minutes to complete at home
    • Please email once your booking has been made, to request your appropriate age-related health questionnaire

    IMMUNE BOOST Consultation (Adult / Child 10 yrs+)

    The IMMUNE BOOST booking is for a 30-minute consultation and includes 1 x 100ml herbal formula* containing excellent natural antibiotic immune-enhancing herbs. This formula can be used immediately for:

    • Acute cold and flu symptoms (e.g. sinuses, sore throats, aches, sneezes, runny nose) OR
    • Store to have on hand when your body feels run down and tired

    Support and rebuild your immune system naturally and safely for long-term health benefits.

    * NOTE: Formula provided dependent on current medications taken.

    FOLLOW-UP (Child / Adult)

    • Includes 30-minutes follow-up


    This HAIR ANALYSIS TEST requires a 15-min booking which will include the practitioner cutting a hair sample to be sent away and a few health and details questions. Test results take 2-3 weeks. A further 15-30 minute follow-up consult is required to deliver results and information.

    What your hair analysis document results will include:

    • Brief outline of what your results state
    • Full Information on what intolerances need addressing
    • A thorough list indicating where problematic foods/environmental intolerances can be found, and reasons as to why they are currently detrimental to your health

    Hair Analysis options (please enquire for more details):

    • OPTION 1: Food & Environmental Hair Test
      (13 yrs - adult) $105
      • No full health consultation included
    • OPTION 2: Food & Environmental Hair Test with Consultation
      (13 yrs - adult) $200
      • PREMIUM consultation included
      • Save $30 by choosing a Hair Test & Premium Consulation together!
    • OPTION 3: Specialised test  
      (5 yrs - Adult) $245 for (in-depth documentation provided) :
      • Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Assessment 
      • Vitamin & Mineral Assessment
      • No full health consultation included
    • OPTION 4: Food & Environmental Hair Test
      (5-12 years) $75
      • No full health consultation included
    • OPTION 5: Food & Environmental Hair Test
      (Mother & Baby/Pre-School 0-4 years) $135
      • No full health consultation included

    Contact Us


    The Good Health Room
    9 Dick Street, Cambridge
    (located along side of the Cambridge
    Chiropractic Clinic buildings)


    Mobile 0220 295 710

    Opening Hours

    Consultations are by appointment only within available opening hours. If you require an appointment outside of these hours please contact The Good Health Room to discuss.


    11 am – 7.00 pm


    8.30 am - 5.00 pm




    11.00 am – 7.00 pm

    Friday & Weekends



    Please call or notify The Good Health Room ASAP if an appointment needs to be cancelled or changed. It is preferred if cancellations can be given at least 2 hours before the scheduled appointment.

    Call |
    0220 295 710 to speak to / text a message

    Email |

    Health Insurance Claims

    If you are an insured member with Southern Cross Wellbeing plans (e.g. 'Bodycare' module), there are claim options available for natural health appointments.
    • Naturopathy
    • Osteopathy
    • Chiropractic
    • Remedial Massage Therapy
    • Homeopathy
    • AcupuncturePlease
    See the attached link for more information to confirm or possibly add to your current health insurance plan.

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