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shona's story

Shona is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, and the founder of The Good Health Room. Shona is driven by the belief - and experience - that what we put into our bodies has the ability to produce an outcome of extraordinary health benefits with increased energy and total day-to-day wellbeing, or a downward spiral of continuous health problems that can eventually lead to major degenerative diseases.

South Pacific College of Natural Medicine

Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists
of New Zealand (NMHNZ)

Over the past 20+ years, Shona has travelled an interesting health journey with a wealth of struggles – from toxic skin infections, debilitating digestive disturbances, a long-term battle of infertility, and chronic sciatica which caused an acute attack requiring a four-week bedridden recovery.

Why does Shona share these health stories?

She wants you to know that you're not alone on your journey of health problems. We each live daily with a health concern that is wearisome and holding us back from living to our full potential. We all want to be well, to enjoy simple daily activities with our families and friends.

Shona has discovered that achieving better health is a journey, not an overnight 'quick-pill-fix'. However, it is encouraging to know the body does and can heal itself when given the right ingredients and time.

Shona hopes by coming to this website that you will find hope in knowing that your health struggles do not need to hold you in a place of despair any longer. She hopes that you are excited and willing to begin a better health journey – a journey where you take control of your health and start to live a full life again. She looks forward to helping you in whatever way you need.

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