Shona specialises in Women's Health and Digestive Health.
Shona specialises in Women's Health and Digestive Health.

A cheerful

heart is good


but a crushed

spirit dries

up the bones.

(Proverbs 17:22)

A cheerfulheart is goodmedicine,but a crushedspirit driesup the bones.(Proverbs 17:22)

Shona Mackenzie

(However I do work with Kirsten in the background for all new Women's Health cases)

Shona is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, and the founder of The Good Health Room. Shona is driven by the belief (and experience) that what we put into our bodies has the ability to produce an outcome of extraordinary health benefits. Increased energy and total day-to-day wellbeing, or a downward spiral of continuous health problems that can eventually lead to major degenerative diseases.

Over the past 20+ years, Shona has travelled an interesting health journey with a wealth of struggles – from toxic skin infections, debilitating digestive disturbances, fertility issues, chronic sciatica, anxiety, depression and grief.

Shona wants you to know you are not alone on your journey of health problems. We each live daily with a health concern that is wearisome and holding us back from living to our full potential. We all want to be well, to enjoy simple daily activities with our families and friends.

Achieving better health is a journey, not an overnight 'quick-pill-fix'. However, be encouraged to know the body can heal itself when given the right ingredients and time. Begin a better health journey now – a journey where you take control of your health and start to live a full life again. Shona looks forward to helping you in whatever way you need.

Kirsten specialises in Digestive & Children's Health.
Kirsten specialises in Digestive & Children's Health.

Kirsten Donovan

I’m Kirsten and I’m I’ve been in the Health industry for 15 years. I have experienced life with a chronic health complaint and know what it is like to not feel 100% on any one day. It is this life experience that taught me that pushing on to deliver in all aspects of your life with ill health is definitely not sustainable. This drives me to help others attain their best possible health and vitality. I see naturopathy (nutrition and selective supplement and herb use) as an invaluable tool to help us regain health as nature intended. This combined with the accountability of working regularly with a naturopath can really help us reach levels of health we didn’t realise were possible. 

My area of expertise is chronic gut disorders such as IBS, SIBO, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and impaired digestion. I enjoy seeing those with fatigue and poor immunity improve through nutrition and replenishing deficiencies. I also love to work with children with improvements in hyperactivity, insomnia and mood disorders through working with their diet, gut and deficiencies. My work in naturopathy is all encompassing however one pertinent area I’d like to focus on in 2022 is working to strengthen immunity, to give them the best outcomes of fighting infection and fast resolution of infection. I’d also like aiding in body composition changes for women, in a controlled and sustainable way.  

I believe in science-backed testing procedures to formulate the best health plan going forward. These can be blood, urine or stool tests provided by trusted companies with cutting edge technology to attain health data on your microbiome, metabolism, hormones, gut function and overall body function.  

I have some in-clinic tests that I perform with every client including bio-impedence analysis (BIA) for helping with body composition or weight management. This provides motivating readings such as body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage and metabolic age.   

I look forward to working with you to super-charge your health and all the roll-on effects that robust health offers us in our lives.  


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