3 Months Wellness One-to-One Comprehensive Coaching Package Deal.

Achieving 'Wellness' with Raissa

Raissa Ringer
Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Wellness is, according to the Stedman’s Medical Dictionary,

‘the condition of good physical, mental and emotional health, especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications’. 

This is a very similar concept to holism and very important in naturopathy, meaning a person as a whole (physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual).  

As a degree qualified and registered naturopath and medical herbalist, I strive to guide you to achieve health and wellness, through evidence based knowledge (traditional and scientific) and a fully individualised approach. In naturopathy, we believe each individual is unique, and as so, there isn’t a ‘one-fits-all’ approach.


In my clinical experience, I’ve seen clients come in frustrated and ready to take the steps to improve, but once the motivation and novelty ran out, they would sadly leave their treatment behind and disappear. After receiving feedback, I’ve realised what was missing for them was accountability. Basically, life was hitting them with busy schedules and distractions, so once off their path it was very hard restarting again. Some clients even mentioned feeling ashamed to come and see me for a follow-up.

This is when I’ve changed the way I practice. I now much prefer seeing clients for a 3 months programme – and this is why I created the new Sure Steps to Wellness programme. This is a special programme I am offering to new clients, so we can work together for 12 weeks, having weekly contact and accountability.


We live in a time where the information is so readily available, but often paradoxical and fake. It is also important to understand a lot of what we read online, even though true, may not be the best fit for us as individuals. 

This package deal is designed to give you the right tools, education and support to achieve sustainable long-term positive change in your life, by utilising herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle modifications – all research based and personalised. 


1 x Naturopathic Consult

1 x Hair Analysis & Follow-Up

1 x Wellness Plan Discussion

3 x Check-In Phone Calls

3 x Check-In Emails

1 x Herbal Tonic/Product

1 x Grocery Shopping Visit

1 x Food Labelling Booklet

1 x Follow-Up/Video Call

(T&Cs Apply)

3-MONTH PROGRAMME - 1 x Naturopathic Consult1 x Hair Analysis & Follow-Up1 x Wellness Plan Discussion3 x Check-In Phone Calls3 x Check-In Emails1 x Herbal Tonic/Product1 x Grocery Shopping Visit1 x Food Labelling Booklet1 x Follow-Up/Video Call(T&Cs Apply)

• If you have no idea what

to expect from visiting

a naturopath

• To reset and start working

on health and wellness

• To prevent future

health disorders

• To learn more about

your body as a whole

A PROGRAMME - • If you have no idea whatto expect from visitinga naturopath• To reset and start workingon health and wellness• To prevent futurehealth disorders• To learn more aboutyour body as a whole


Please fill out the below form and send to The Good Health Room 24 hours before your consultation. This DOES NOT need to be filled out for any child-teenager consultations.

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