Fatigue, migraines, respiratory issues, children's health, high blood pressure ...

Our health concerns are often inter-connected – it is just a matter of understanding how.

If you have a health concern that is not related to the area's we specialise in, please know we are still happy for you to book an appointment. 

As our bodies are very complicated, our 'Other' consultation appointment just gives us a 'heads-up' that we possibly need to investigate and learn more about another area of health, which can sometimes take a little more time. It is most likely that there will be an overlap of health issues e.g. digestive health plays a major role in other general health concerns.

Contact us by email or phone if you would like to confirm what consult is best for you.

Children's Health

We have consultations for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers too. Please click on the link to book a consultation for them.

Quite literally, your gut

is the epicentre of your

mental and physical

health. If you want

better immunity,

efficient digestion,

improved clarity

and balance,

focus on

rebuilding your

gut health.

(Kris Carr)

Quite literally, your gutis the epicentre of yourmental and physicalhealth. If you want better immunity,efficient digestion,improved clarityand balance,focus on rebuilding yourgut health.(Kris Carr)

• Book an appointment

• Bring existing blood tests

• Bring a list of

current medications

• Bring your completed

food & mood diary

'OTHER' HEALTH CHECKLIST - • Book an appointment• Bring existing blood tests• Bring a list ofcurrent medications • Bring your completedfood & mood diary

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