The Good Health Room has various options for consultations. We specialise in digestive and women's, however if you / or a child have a different health concern you would like support for, please see our other options below.

Step One

Book a consultation appointment that is MOST relevant to your health issue. We understand there will be some overlap of issues, and so everything WILL be discussed no matter which option you choose – this just guides us for your MAIN concerns when booking.

OPTIONS – Women's Health, Digestive Health, Child/Teenager, or Other (e.g. Men's Health, 60+ years in age)

Step Two

Complete the quick Pre-Consultation Form below no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment.

NOTE: Please fill out for a child/teen and note N/A for any specific questions.

Step Three

Please download and complete our Food and Mood Diary form prior to your appointment. Please allow at least 3-4 days (if possible) of information logged.

Step Four

If possible, please contact your GP's clinic to retrieve your latest blood tests, or print them off if you have access to ManageMyHealth. Please print off as many as you have over the last 3-6 months so we can see a variety of tests you may have had done. 

If this is difficult to do, then please book and we can discuss more at your appointment. Thank you.


Please fill out the below form and send to The Good Health Room 24 hours before your consultation. This DOES NOT need to be filled out for any child-teenager consultations.

NOTE: The form will not send until ALL questions are answered.

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