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Vitamin D Products

Strictly Practitioner-Only products available for The Good Health Room clients.

The Good Health Room range of vitamin D3 products are available for all existing clients to purchase through their PacHealth accounts.

Please read our Part 1 & Part 2 (coming) blogs on the benefits of Vitamin D in regard to immune and mental health, especially in the current circumstances of Covid-19.

  • Vitamin D is also a very key player in fertility and pregnancy, bone and teeth health, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and assists in calcium absorption.
  • Vegetarians and vegans are shown to have considerably lower serum concentrations of Vitamin D3 during winter months.
  • Vitamin D2 is an inferior supplemental form compared to Vitamin D3.
  • Children and adolescents may have an increased requirement for vitamin D during times of development and growth, increasing further when calcium intake is minimal. The recommended requirements may not be met during winter months as reduced exposure to UVB rays depletes the body’s vitamin D stores.

  • Use of Vitamin D3 at the same time as Calcipotriene or thiazide diuretics may theoretically increase the risk of hypercalcaemia.
  • Use of Vitamin D with aluminium may increase aluminium absorption.
  • Mineral oil, orlistat or lipid-lowering medications (statins) e.g. cholestyramine, may affect absorption of Vitamin D3. Supplement either 1 hour priot to or 4-6 hours after medications.

Orthoplex Pure D (drops)

A very pure product for sensitive people – contains no sorbate, benzoate synthetic preservatives, soya oil, soy-derived Vitamin E, refined rice bran oil, corn, flavours or sweeteners. Sustainably sourced Swiss Vitamin D. Non-GMO and certified organic sunflower-derived vitamin E.

Dosage: Take 1 drop daily with food (onto / under tongue).
Contains: Colecalciferol (1000IU) / 25 ug
Flavour: Neutral tasting
Excipients: Coconut medium chain triglycerides, d-alpha-tocopherol, vitamin D3, sunflower oil
Contraindications: None known and suitable for pregnancy and lactation.
Store: In a cool place away from direct sunlight.
Free of: Lactose, Sugar, Gluten, Glucose and Soy

Price: $31 (15ml – 500 doses in each bottle)

BioMedica D-Complete (caps)

A liquid soft gel that contains Vitamin D3, with some magnesium, zinc, boron and natural vitamin E (3-alpha-Tocopherol) in a base of olive oil.

Dosage: Take 1 soft gel daily with food for breakfast or lunch.
Contains: Colecalciferol (1000IU) / 25 ug / 25mcg
Store: In a cool place away from direct sunlight.
Contraindications: None known and suitable for pregnancy and lactation.

Price: $32 (90 caps)

BioMedica Phyta D (spray)

Sustainable and pure vitamin D3 sourced from symbiotic plants – a mixture of fungi and algae mutually dependent on each other for survival. Phyta D has a specialised patented process to provide a highly concentrated D3. It is enhanced with Licopherol™ –a unique proprietary blend which combines high-quality fatty acids and natural vitamin E. This provides a superior and stable base for the concentrated vitamin D3. 

Dosage: Spray one 200mcL dose into the mouth once daily. Hold for 30-120 seconds between the cheek and gum, before swallowing. Best taken on an empty stomach (or at least 10 mins before meals).
Contains: Colecalciferol (1000IU) / 25 ug / 25mcg
Flavour: Neutral tasting
Store: In a cool place away from direct sunlight.
Free from: lanolin, palm oil and palm by-products. Vegetarian friendly. Contains no artificial preservatives.
Contraindications: None known, and suitable for pregnancy and lactation.

Price: $45.50 (50ml –277 sprays in each bottle)


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