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As much as it would be wonderful to genuinely have a one-fix-pill, a natural health approach is different. While we work to get your health improved, there can be a range of products we require that synergistically work better together to accomplish your goals. 

Oxipay can help so you can order everything at once to get better results faster. You have a more flexible payment option, splitting the cost of any of our services into 4 easily-managed payments, interest free!*

The first instalment is due when you see us, with the 3 remaining payments due every fortnight until paid in full.

To use Oxipay, you’ll need to create an account – click here to investigate

It’s free and you’ll be able to use it at selected merchants nationwide, not just at The Good Health Room!

Other great merchants with Oxipay

  • Briscoes
  • Big Save Furniture
  • Beaurepaires
  • LouLous Day Spa & Salon
  • Ecosa
  • Farmers
  • Freedom Furniture
  • Flooring Xtra
  • Godfreys
  • Heathcotes
  • PB Technologies
  • Pascoes
  • Paterson Burn Optometrists
  • Parellel Imported
  • Living & Giving
  • Stevens
  • Stewart Dawsons
  • Strandbags
  • Tech Solutions
  • Toystore
  • Vivo Hair & Beauty
  • Whitcoulls


*A late fee is charged by Oxipay if your payment is not received by the due date. See OXIPAY for conditions.


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