New to The Good Health Room 2019!

The Good Health Room is updating and improving this 2019 summer (and ongoing into the year) which is the reason for a longer delay in reopening. Thank you for your patience. See below for all that is to come.

What to look forward to:

  • Direct online purchasing (for clients only) from The Good Health Room's major supplier PacHealth, This will allow quick reordering whenever you require your specific practitioner products along with a full range of general health products.
    This will include an ongoing set discount and regular extra monthly specials from PacHealth. Why shop instore, when you can save online and have delivered direct to your door!
    • Skincare – Living Nature, PhytoCare
    • Aromatherapy oils & bases
    • Flower essences
    • Mineral therapy supplements – Schuessler  plus more
    • Massage products
    • Herbal – Kiwiherb, Artemis, SleepDrops plus more
    • General health supplement brands – Spatone, GOHealthy, Lifestream, NutraLife, Clinicians, Blackmores plus more
    • Nutrition and functional food supplies – Amazonia, Nuzest, Balance, Coconut oil, plus more
  • New in-depth diagnostic testing options to discover where your health is at (e.g. Dutch Testing (Sample), FitGenes – CarbChoice, plus more).  NOTE: Australian website links for info only.
  • Consult packages for specific health issues when booking an initial consultation
  • Oxipay to help with payments when/if required 
  • Instagram regular updates for followers 
  • Revamped areas on The Good Health Room website – to offer more direction and guidance for everything you need to know about The Good Health Room
  • Regular informative blogs on common health issues to aid you in your health journey

The Good Health Room looks forward to helping you on your continued health journey, or starting new goals to get your health on track this year. 

BOOK NOW to get your consult time late January / early February when the summer resting and relaxing comes to an end. A perfect time for focusing on your new year goals!


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