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4 Signs of Fatigue You May Not Know

Why am I so tired?

Being tired generally goes away after a proper, restful sleep.. Fatigue however can hang around even after plenty of rest! So, how tired is too tired?

Here are a few common symptoms of fatigue.

Our general mood can be affected when we are fatigued. We may experience mild depression, find ourselves easily irritated, have increased PMS symptoms or general reduced enjoyment in life

Feeling tired or lethargic all the time? And even when you get plenty of sleep, it's still difficult to get up in the morning as you're still tired? This too can be a common symptom of fatigue!

Ever lose track of your train of thought? Have absentminded memory? Fatigue can leave us feeling like we have brain fog and that it becomes harder to make decisions and handle stress.

A common symptom of fatigue can be craving sugar &/or salt! You may also notice increased symptoms if meals are missed or are not insufficient

Fatigue Is a tiresome business – the good news is that there are ways that we can help get the pep back in your step!
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