Food Intolerances, Hair Analysis Testing & Your Health!

Food Intolerances & The Autoimmune Disorder Connection

Functional medicine (e.g. naturopathy and herbal medicine) approaches health not as individual symptoms within certain body systems, but rather the whole body as one integrated system. The whole body is treated, as each body system is continuously impacting another.

Dr Amy Myers (author of 'The Autoimmune Solution') presents the view that rather their be 'one discrete category called "autoimmunity" … instead is the "autoimmune spectrum"'.


As 80% of the immune system resides in the digestive tract (intestines), it is evident that to heal the immune system (and keep it strong), it is vital to begin by healing the gut. This autoimmune spectrum highlights the risks of how mild health issues can slowly become full blown degenerative inflammatory diseases.

To aid 'whole body' healing from common symptoms causing daily health issues, the functional medicine approach uses nutrition (as food, supplements and herbal formulas) and a simple hair analysis test. This hair test helps gauge where the body is at on this spectrum due to intolerances/sensitivities to foods and environmental factors.

Prevention of full-blown degenerative disorders can be achieved and good health maintained if symptoms are detected early. Existing disorders can also be helped by understanding what triggers may be involved. A hair analysis test can provide a wealth of information regarding where your health is at today. If you are keen to investigate further, please call or email The Good Health Room.

What your hair analysis package includes:
  • Before and after 15-minute consult
  • Final hair analysis documents with a brief outline of what your results state, full information on what intolerances need addressing, and a thorough list indicating where problematic foods/environmental sensitivities are found
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