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Want to get healthy food into your children's meals? (Amy Roskelley & Natalie Monson)

Are you struggling with what to cook at meal times for your children due to busyness of life, special diets or just plain fussy eaters? Or you just want to get your children eating healthier? is a great website to investigate to help get all your meal times organised without hassle or stress. Amy & Natalie offer great guidance (free webinar), recipes and meal plans to get your children eating healthier!

There main tip: Be organised!

  • Investing time in meal preparation pays off big time as it helps to make weekdays and meal times smoother, quicker and easier
  • Meal prepping also helps role model to your children good behaviours and attitudes towards eating healthy, while also learning cooking skills for their own future as adults
  • Meal prepping before the week begins helps against buying takeaways too often, and removes the stress of trying to think about what to cook for dinner when your tired or everyone is home late from events during the day – this frees up your brain power to relax more
  • By completing a big one time planning session to cover a month of meals (that can be rotated through) helps with taking the daily stress of what is for dinner away – it is a great opportunity to get children involved, and they enjoy being part of the planning
  • Pre-written meal plans are available on their website if you need help


Go to 'Free Class' on their website to register for a free webinar as to how Amy & Natalie can teach you to master your own meal-time prepping.

Your weekly meal times will never be the same again, and the long-term goal is you'll be less stressed, your kids will be eating healthier foods daily, and you'll be teaching your children life skills while making cooking fun!


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